Need To Know

This page is an informational compilation of important and most frequently addressed issues presented to the Managing Agent or to the Greate Bay Condominium Board of Directors over many years. Villa owners should read and become familiar with these helpful facts.


For Fire or Emergency: call 911 FIRST !

Individual Subject items are elaborated on below the following alphabetized listing.
                  See full explanations of listed items below:

ANIMALS (also see PETs):  

No person shall bring or keep any within the community for breeding or commercial purposes.

Unit owners shall indemnify the Association and the Board of Directors against any liability of any kind arising from animals kept by the occupants of any Villas in the community.

No person shall bring or keep an animal within a condominium which frequently or habitually makes enough noise to disturb any other persons within the community. Unit owners must cause the animal(s) they keep staying within the noise limits of this rule. If a problem is not corrected, the Board of Directors may require the unit occupant to remove the animal within 10 days of written notice from the Association.

Undomesticated animals, i.e., livestock, poultry, reptiles or dangerous, wild or vicious undomesticated animals are not allowed in any unit or on the common elements.  Animals of species not commonly kept as household pets are not allowed. 

Renters of Villas may not have pets.                                                                                                                                             Back to List


Attics are for storage only. Expanding a unit’s attic for living space is strictly prohibited.


Children of Owners, Renters or Visitors including Adults should not be playing or walking on the Golf Course during hours of play. Owners who permit this do so at their own risk as the Association is NOT responsible and assumes no liability for injuries associated with getting hit with a ball, falls or other injuries.

The parking lots & spaces cannot be used as a play area for children and/or adults                                        Back to List


No unit may be used for commercial purposes or for any purposes other than that for which the Villa was originally designed. Unit owners may have a home office provided the unit’s primary use remains residential.


When communicating a problem or complaint to the Management of Greate Bay Condo Association on any serious subject – – – – – – it MUST be in writing!  An eMail to the office will suffice –  or Owners requests may require a work order and work orders are generated by management and only when a written request is submitted!  After a written request, you can follow-up with Management with a verbal communication if you so choose.  Board Members do not generate work orders.

CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS:                                                                                                                                         Back to List

If you are having work done in your home, the refuse from demolitions and inside work should be taken away by the contractors and not placed in the refuse area. Also, owners can arrange for a Dumpster to be placed in their parking space to be picked up at the culmination of construction.  Call Burns Construction for further info on arranging for Dumpsters.


All work in your homes must be done by Licensed contractors who have the proper insurance and workmen’s compensation coverage. This proof of coverage must be shown to Burns Construction prior to any work being started. Prior to contractors initiating work at any Greate Bay Condo Unit, Burns Construction and Property Management must approve any plans to insure they conform to Master Deed and By-Law requirements.

DECKS, PATIOS, BACK-YARD ITEMS:                                                                                                                 Back To List

Unit owners are responsible for the safety, appearance, maintenance and structural integrity of their decks or patios.  Decks/patios may be painted or stained only in brown or beige earth tones or grey colors. Large items such as kitchen refrigerators, indoor style storage closets or other large unsightly structures are prohibited from being stored on decks. However small refrigerators no higher than 2 ft. high are acceptable. Decks may not be used for storage or refuse and must be kept in a clean presentable fashion.


The Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Committee is the New Jersey State Mandated process for allowing Condominium Owners to avoid litigation in those cases against the Association and/or other Condominium Owners. This committee made up of Association Unit owners falls under the concept created by New Jersey for condominium associations to provide a fair and efficient procedure for the resolution of housing related disputes and is readily available as an alternate to litigation. See the Greate Bay Villas Condominium Association Rules, Regulations and Policies for a full explanation of ADR, Committee member make-up, their responsibilities and how the ADR works.  The committee operates separate from the Board and formally meets with the disputing parties, hears both sides of the issues and adjudicates judgment results.  ADR judgments are Binding.

EMERGENCIES AND SERIOUS SITUATIONS AFTER 5PM AND ON WEEKENDS                                      Back to List

Call Burns Construction and Property Management – REAL EMERGENCIES ONLY (609) 515-4006. Emergencies in this sense means functional operational emergencies where immediate attention or remediation is required as it presents a danger or where failure to act soon presents  an immediate costly or perilous situation.


Unit owners may not change the paint color of the exterior of any unit.  Unit owners may not structurally alter the exterior of their unit.


All new enclosure fences (e.g., for air conditioners etc.)  must be pre-approved by the Board of Directors and comply to material type, height and size requirements.

 All new or replacement fences connected to Villa buildings which will close off odd ends of properties or enclose structures such as air conditioners may be no higher than 4.5 feet high and must be made of the same materials and fence styles and color as existing fences which separate each property.  No exceptions.

Each Villa must have a 6 ft. Privacy Fence between one unit and another, These must be pre-approved by the Board of Directors and comply to material type, height and size requirements. Privacy Fences may not be taken down, modified or removed. 

FINANCIAL ISSUES:                                                                                                                                                   Back to List 

When calling Burns Construction regarding Financial issues, please call Denise at (609) 399-8800. Denise is readily familiar and current with all financial issues. 


The use of these or similar devices at Greate Bay Villas Condominiums is strictly prohibited.


Turn off your main water valve when leaving your home for more than 1 day, or if your heating system fails for an extended period during extreme cold weather.


The only thing other than natural waste that should be flushed down a toilet is toilet paper. Items such as excess hair, paper towels, Q-Tips, Dental Floss, rags, cotton balls, cotton pads, sanitary napkins, and similar items which do not break up or dissolve will cause clogged drains and should not be put in the toilet. Owners are responsible for paying for the cleaning-out of clogged drains, except for cracked underground pipes, root infiltration or other systemic problems not caused by the user. 

FOR SALE SIGNS:                                                                                                                                                        Back to List

For Sale Signs are prohibited.  OPEN HOUSE indicators are allowed but only on the day of the open house and must be removed at the end of that open house.


The Board of Director of Greate Bay Villas Association meets regularly and is comprised of 5 Members.  Villa Owners can run for election to the Board as elections are held once per year at the Annual Owners Meeting.


All new unit owners who acquire a condominium at Greate Bay Villas, will receive a One (1) Year Social Membership in the Greate Bay Country Club, free of charge.  This is provided as a courtesy from the Greate Bay Country Club and will allow the owner the privileges at the Greate Bay Country Club permitted in that level of membership. The Greate Bay Villas Condominium Association is grateful to the Greate Bay Country Club Management for that amenity. Note………………to get this effected, please call the Greate Bay Golf Club, ask for Scott Dunn and mention the arrangement, Bill Burns and Greate Bay Villas Owners Association.

HEATERS & AND AIR CONDITIONERS:                                                                                                                Back to List

Good idea to have heaters and Air Conditioners serviced Spring and Fall.


If you see something strange or potentially harmful or dangerous either with your neighbor’s property or something suspicious, please call Burns Construction and Property Management or the Police or 911 as the situation warrants.

INSURANCE: click here

KEYS (To give workers access, in Owners Absence)

In the event that access to a Villa is required either for purposes of emergency access or remote owner requested access, this can be done either by (a) having a neighbor in possession of keys provide access or by (b) having Burns Construction provide entry.  In the event that Burns Construction provides entry, a $55.00 charge will be assessed to the owner.

Owners can provide a copy of their keys to Burns Construction at their own discretion for these purposes.


The two (2) PDF files below contain the rules and regulations of Greate Bay Villas Association covering removal of existing plantings, suggested allowable new plantings and related instances where charges are applied by the association.

Resolution Landscaping 2018  

Suggested Allowable Evergreen shrubs

LAWN MAINTENANCE is every Thursday                                                                                                               Back to List


If you receive a letter from a Gas, Electric or Water Company offering you the opportunity to purchase Insurance on your gas or water line repairs, before agreeing to do any of this please call Burns Construction and relate to them the intent of the letter offer.  Typically, the Condo Association is already covered for this. 


Non-resident owners must provide their mailing address(s) and phone number(s) to Burns Construction and Property Management.


As provided in the Greate Bay Villas Bi-Laws: “Unless approved by the Board of Directors, clothes lines, cable wires, gym equipment, sand boxes, dog houses, portable swimming pools, recreational/sports devices, and similar items/pieces of equipment shall not be allowed on Common Elements (i.e., decks, patios). Placement or hanging of any offensive decorations, statues, flags, lawn ornaments, or other items in or on the Common or Limited Common elements is also prohibited unless approved by the Board of Directors.”

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OWNERS WHO RENT:                                                                                                                                              

When renting a Villa, it is the owner’s responsibility to notify Burns Construction and Property Management of the name and contact information of the new tenant(s) and also provide a copy of the prevailing lease. 

Owners who rent have a responsibility to provide the By-Laws (Rules and Regulations) of the Greate Bay Villas Condominium Association to their Tenant occupying their Villa if owner rents directly. If renting through a Real Estate agent, owners are responsible for providing the Rules and Regulations to that Real Estate agent who will incorporate the Rules and Regulations as part of the rental agreement with the tenant.

All leases must be in writing and contain a provision expressly assigning to the Greate Bay Villas Association all rents due under the lease in the event of any delinquency in the payment of common expenses or other charges.  Moreover, no lease or occupancy of a Villa shall be permitted unless a true copy of the lease is furnished in advance to the Association together with the current address and phone numbers of both the villa Owner and the lessee.

All Tenants are subject to the Greate Bay Villas Association Master Deed and By-Laws as well as adopted Rules and Regulations and must acknowledge receipt of these materials prior to occupancy.

Prior to the commencement of the lease and as a condition of the rental, the Owner or Tennant must deposit with Burns Construction and Property Management, the managing agent a refundable deposit of $1,000 which shall be used to offset any damages to common property or costs incurred by the Association resulting from the rental of the Villa.  Upon Termination of any lease the deposit will be refunded net any reductions.

Owners must advise rental occupant(s) that they must process requests for operational help and maintenance through you.  For the purposes of clarity, the renter contacts the owner with issues and the owner contacts Burns Construction and Property Management with the issue(s) at hand or requirements to be worked.

It is incumbent on the Owner to ensure that the new renter is covered under a Renter’s Insurance Policy.

Owners who rent have a responsibility to the Greate Bay Villas Condominium Association to limit rentals to one individual person, or one (1) couple, or one (1) family only.

Subletting of the Villa in any way is strictly prohibited,

Units cannot be rented for transient or hotel purposes, or for any initial lease period of less than 12 continuous & consecutive months.

All rental Villas are subject to the International Property Maintenance Code as adopted by the City of Somers Point in all respects, and in particular with respect to the number of occupants permitted in the dwelling. Regardless of the International Property Maintenance Code and/or the Code of the City of Somers Point, no Villa shall be permanently occupied as a primary residence by more than eight (8) individuals. The Association reserves the right to limit the number of occupants depending upon the size of a Villa regardless of the maximum occupancy permitted under the International Property Maintenance Code.

Owners and Real Estate agents must advise potential renters that renters may not have pets at Greate Bay Villas.

Renters may not make any changes to the inside or outside of the Villa without the approval of the Villa Owner and Burns Construction and Property Management.                                                                                                                                          


PAINT COLORS:                                                                                                                                                           Back to List

Exact specifications, nomenclature, color name, mixing formulas, and local vendor for proper paints to be used on  windows , doors  and minor stucco patches  are available see below.

DOOR PAINT “GBV Doors” Paint is Sherwin Williams.  You can purchase it at  the Sherwin Williams Store on 9th Street in Ocean City.  Click on the link below, then print the page with the paint color specifications and take it to the paint store, note they will probably not know GBV Doors, so take the page from the link with the formula to the store.


WINDOW FRAME PAINT: “GBV WINDOWS LATEX”:   Paint is Sherwin Williams. You can purchase it at the Sherwin Williams Store on 9th Street in Ocean City.  Click on the link below, then print the page with the paint color specifications and take it to the paint store, note they probably may not know GBV Windows, so take the page from the link with the formula to the store.


Oil Based WINDOW FRAME PAINT: “GBV WINDOWS OIL BASED”. Paint is Sherwin Williams. You can purchase it at the Sherwin Williams Store on 9th Street in Ocean City.  Click on the link below, then print the page with the paint color specifications and take it to the paint store, note they probably may not know GBV Windows, so take the page from the link with the formula to the store.

GBV Windows Oil Based Paint

STUCCO PAINT:  “GBV STUCCO” Paint is Sherwin Williams. You can purchase it at the Sherwin Williams Store on 9th Street in Ocean City.  Click on the link below, then print the page with the paint color specifications and take it to the paint store, note they probably may not know GBV Windows, so take the page from the link with the formula to the store.

GBV Stucco Paint

PARKING:                                                                                                                                                                       Back to List

PARKING SPACES:  Each Condo Unit is assigned two (2) numerically indicated parking spaces and unit owners are allowed only 2 automobiles on the property. A generous amount of Guest spaces is available. View Assigned Parking Spaces in PDF below

     Greate Bay Condo Assigned Parking 

Parallel/Horizontal Parking in assigned-numbered or Guest spaces is Passenger’s side of vehicle nearest to curb.  This is a safety precaution to eliminate the possibility for collisions caused by access and egress to parking from the opposite side of the street. Perpendicular Parking in assigned spaces is front of vehicle pointed in towards curb. Permanent parking of Unit owner vehicles in excess of 2 per Villa owner is prohibited.

Commercial vehicles are prohibited from parking at Greate Bay Villas, except for utilities and those commercial vehicle owners that are doing work for, or making deliveries to, or picking-up items from Unit Owners in their home. All commercial vehicles are prohibited from overnight parking.

The parking lots & spaces cannot be used as a play area for children and/or adults, nor can any complicated auto maintenance be conducted thereon to include oil changes and major repairs or excessive noise.




Owners may have no more than 2 Dogs or Cats and no other animals are permitted. All Owners, whether new or existing who have pets must have their pets registered with Burns Construction and Property Management and also properly licensed. All Dogs must be on a leash and not allowed to run without adult Leashed Supervision.  Pets may not be allowed to relieve themselves on Common Property or lawns. Pet owners MUST bag and properly dispose of pet droppings.    RENTERS MAY NOT HAVE PETS.                                                                    

REPORTING IMPORTANT PROBLEMS                                                                                                                  Back to List

It may seem advantageous upon seeing a Board Member to present your problem to that person. You are certainly free to do that, but to get something effected promptly and efficiently, call Tiffany (609) 398-4581 [REAL EMERGENCIES ONLY (609) 515-4006] and you must follow-up with a confirming eMail (  Board members are not the best conduit to get things done.


Satellite TV is allowed at Greate Bay Villas.  However, prior to implementation, installation plans and methods absolutely must be approved by Burns Construction. Final installation must be neat and NOT include roof penetrating mounts and the wiring must be implemented in a manner whereby it is routed directly into the house near the roof line and not be comprised of wires dangling outside the building for one or two stories. Failure to conform to these requirements will violate Greate Bay Villas rules and the owner will be subject to fines and re-doing the installation at their own expense.


Owners who are in serious violation of Condo Rules and Regulations and/or in serious arrears in Monthly Maintenance Payments, will be liable to fines and are responsible for Greate Bay Villas’ Legal Fees associated with remedying and resolving the prevailing violation(s) or non-payment issue(s) 

SHRUBS:                                                                                                                                                                         Back to List

The landscaper Forever Green will trim shrubs (e.g., small trees, bushes and large plants) at various intervals twice per year on approximately April 15th and October 15th.  If Owners need shrubs trimmed at other times, they should call Burns Construction and request a special visit by Forever Green for which they will be individually charged.

 If Villa owners do not wish their shrubs to be trimmed by the landscaper on their regular trimming schedule, they must advise Burns Construction in writing who will put them on a list to be used by Forever Green to skip their particular villa location. All other villas will have their shrubs trimmed/pruned by Forever Green with no exceptions, variations or interim scheduling/re-scheduling.  

However, Villa owners can take the opportunity, on site for a one-time-only occasion, to request the landscaper personnel on site that day to vary the degree or style of trimming, but this will only be on a catch-as-catch-can basis with absolutely no guarantees. Villa owners who request to be on the list for no cutting will remain on that list unless they officially request Burns Construction in writing to remove them.  

Forever Green has no obligation to trim or prune items if in fact a specific owner is on the no cutting list.  Burns construction will post on the Greate Bay Villas website the Pruning/trimming schedule and dates. 

Shrub Replacement: If Villa owners want to replace shrubs that are dead or dying around their home, the Association will remove the existing dead or dying shrubs only, at its expense, but the replacement shrubs must be paid for by the owner. If present shrubs are healthy and the owner wants them removed, the cost will be paid for removal by the owner.

Shrub Watering:  The Sprinklers near your Villa are basically there to water the grass and coincidentally any nearby shrubs that may be within reach.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Villa Owner to water any and all shrubs that are not reached by the grass sprinklers.


Snow removal around Condo walkways and Condo roads will be done promptly as required and when/if weather and work volume allow.

SPEED LIMIT:                                                                                                                                                                  Back to List

 Speed Limit on Greate Bay Villas property is 15 Miles per hour.


Gasoline, and/or other flammable liquids shall not be stored on the Common Elements, or in the Limited Common Elements, or in the Units.  Explosive materials are strictly prohibited. 


Good idea to have Storm Doors front and rear. These will provide maximum retention of heat in the winter and will prevent door deterioration due to winter weather and summer sun.



Please keep the Trash Enclosure neat. Don’t leave anything on the Ground. See posted ACUA instructions for sorting of types of your refuse and where to put it.

Home refuse and garbage

This should be placed in plastic bags and deposited in the Trash Container. For Christmas Trees, put these on the side of the Trash Enclosure and call Burns Construction who will arrange for pick-up


Plastics, Bottles, Cardboard boxes, and papers (not soiled or Dirty Paper) these go in the Blue Bins. Please cut up your cardboard boxes to fit in the Blue Containers.  Don’t leave cardboard on the ground. Note……Pizza Boxes go in the Trash not the Blue containers.

Plastic bags of any. Kind cannot be placed in the Blue Bins. If you store your co-mingled Recyclables in a plastic bag, you need to dump the contents into the Blue container and retain your bag.


Disposal of Hazardous Waste and Old Fire Extinguishers – Take them to ACUA Household Hazardous Waste on Collection Days for proper legal disposal.  Address is 6700 Delilah Rd., Egg Harbor Twp. – for schedule, see website:


For large items such as sofas, couches, furniture, chairs, mirrors, TV’s, and large objects……….to arrange for pick-up of these or similar large items call Pineland Recycling at (609) 478-8038.  If you have any problems, call Denise at Burns (609) 399-8800 – .  PLEASE DON’T LEAVE LARGE ITEMS IN OR AROUND THE TRASH CONTAINER, CALL FOR PICK-UP

                                  PLEASE CALL YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED!

TREE TRIMMING/PRUNING/BRANCH REMOVAL:                                                                                            Back to List

If you believe trees on common property near your home need branches removed for safety reasons, or trimming,  or pruning  or other maintenance, call Burns Construction and Property Management who will arrange a meeting with the contracted Tree Service. To guaranty your desired style results, be there when Burns meets with the Tree Service on your property.


If you haven’t already, or if you have changed vehicles, please let Burns Construction know your Vehicle(s) Make, Model, Year and License Plate number.


All Villa Windows are the responsibility of the Villa Owners.  Owners must keep these windows calked and painted, if not and there is inside wall damage due to water seepage from window disrepair, any cost to repair the inside damage will be borne by the owner. Proper Greate Bay Villas paint color for windows is listed under “paint” above.


It would be wise to set your home thermostat between 55 and 60 degrees if the unit will be vacant. This will protect your fixtures, plumbing systems, internal walls and other contents.

YARD SALES AND TAG SALES:                                                                                                                                Back to List

Yard Sales and Tag Sales in and around any Greate Bay Villa Condominiums and/or on adjacent Condominium or Common Ground are strictly prohibited.