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Below click on the link for the most  recent edition of the Greate Bay Villas Newsletter by Bob Marshall.



Below click on the link for the most  recent edition of the Greate Bay Villas Newsletter by Bob Marshall.


GREATE BAY VILLAS NEWSLETTER No. 2 – September 21, 2018 The PDF below contains Newsletter No.2 for owner reading purposes

Greate Bay News letter Nov 2018A

GREATE BAY VILLAS NEWSLETTER No. 1.A – September 21, 2018 GBV Owners: Attached is a great summary from Association Treasurer Guy Lanni of the current financial issues that are being addressed by the Association Board of Trustees.  This information was presented at the annual meeting but thought it helpful to send out to all.   Bob Marshall -Unit 70 


Until the August business meeting, the GBV Board through prudent budgeting, strategic scheduling of projects and careful financial and budget planning was confident that our Finances were satisfactory and our Reserve accounts were at a level where we could plan each future year to having a minimum of $100,000.00 on hand in order to react to unforeseen or difficult projects that could be caused by weather, catastrophe, or like events. Shortly after that, The Board almost instantly became faced with high dollar projects that needed to be attended to immediately namely; the flooding of Villa 78 and 2 others, the sudden appearance of Bats in a major number of our homes. Add these to the corroding chimney problem we had planned to budget for this year, we were presented with a budgeting requirement of approximately $120,000.00 to be spent forthwith. At this time and after careful and deliberate study, we have decided to consider various approaches for the community to adequately and efficiently handle the situation.

The Board after great deliberation is currently examining approaches to the association’s reserve fund. The need is immediate to implement various unavoidable projects which either have been continuously but cautiously put-off past their program’s estimated useful life, or where we have recently been presented with instantly developing unfavorable and unavoidable serious conditions such as floods, weather or specific unforeseen events. The net explanation is that we prudently believed we could manage to avoid a monthly rate increase or assessment, but we have come to the conclusion that is better to implement a strategy to get ahead of these pressures than to be presented with a failing system and larger dollar requirements at a later date in one or two years. The projects and conditions are as follows:

Unforeseen Drainage Issues in the flood zone

Several Villa Buildings have been flooding recently and these issues are serious. Some just became issues. One is a problem that we thought we had finally fixed, but recent storms proved the need for additional engineering work. Cost is $45,000. If we submit it again to our insurance carrier, their annual costs will go up astronomically at this point.

Bat Removal

While we always responded to Bat problems as they occurred on a case by case basis, it was recently discovered that many homes in our Association have Bats. Cost to eliminate Bats is $40,000 with a 5-year warranty.

Chimney Stucco Maintenance

We have approximately 30 buildings that are either in current desperate need of repair or will need repair in the next 2-3 years. This project had been scheduled to be fully completed this year, but with all the project considerations, it has been delayed. Cost $60,000

Cedar Shakes

The Cedar Shake shingles above front doors and windows are well past their useful life and are cracking off most buildings. We had planned to start a three (3) year program to do this, but that has been delayed each year for three (3) years. These need to be replaced as we have been putting this off. Cost is $120,000 and it will be scheduled over 3 years starting in 2019/20.

Building Stucco Crack Filling

Most Villa Buildings have cracks in the Stucco. In an effort to guard against seepage through those cracks a program is in order to mend the cracks. This is done with a polyethylene calk and will add useful years to the current stucco walls.Estimate in the works. – Time and Material per house condition.

Road Repairs.

The current roadbed is approximately 9 years old and is experiencing cracks and potholes. These need to be filled to prevent further deterioration. In another 5 years we will probably need to fully re-pave. To just do a filling job, the rough estimate is approximately $25,000. In 5 years the whole repaving may cost another approximate $125,000 which we may be able to fund at that time via reserve fund planning.

Second Floor Balcony Decks

An inspection of these deck found that the facia boards around the borders of the deck floors need to be replaced. None of these decks are known to be dangerously impaired, but the work cannot be put off or they will become so. $1000 per condo or $84,000. This project can be spread out for 5 years

Lake /Retaining Wall/Bulkhead

We have been negotiating with the Greate Bay C.C. for several years to replace the current structure which is decrepit. We have legally investigated ownership of the bulkhead but until very recently this investigation yielded a dubious ownership identity and legal costs to be definite would have proven to be high and might have taken us back to where we are with a split decision between the Association and the Club. However a few days ago the land drawings between the Club and Greate Bay Villas indicated that the bulkhead is 100% on the Club’s propertyso that payment for this project will no longer be ascribed to Greate Bay Villas Condo Association.

Legal/Calamitous Contingency Fund

In the last 2 years we have only been adding $7,000 to this fund. We need to return to putting $15,000 in the fund each year.


Various approaches have been considered as described below which give a pictorial  of our current Reserve Program and what we have looked at to deal with the financial problem.

The first study was an assessment of the full $120,000.00 requiring each Villa Owner to contribute $1,500.00 once in the second quarter of this calendar year. This approach allows the Board to complete all necessary projects and also keep $100,000.00 in the Reserve accounts for the foreseeable future.

The second was the assessment of the full $120,000.00 requiring each Villa Owner to contribute $476.00 once each year for three years starting in the third quarter of this calendar year. This approach also allows the Board to complete all necessary projects and also keep $100,000.00 in the Reserve accounts for the foreseeable future.

The third and fourth approach shows loans for the full $120,000.00 for both 4 and 7 years respectively. Both of these approaches are not acceptable because they require and inordinately high amount to be contributed to the Reserve Account each year in order to pay off the loans and also keep $100,000.00 in the Reserve Accounts. Additionally these approaches include interest payments of $27,000 and $39,000 respectfully if we took out loans which is an increased burdon on the Villa owners.

The next approaches were to investigate increasing the Monthly Maintenance Fee which all villa owners pay $20.00, or $30.00, or $40.00

The current financial situation has with the deletion of the Lake Bulkhead project become degrees better.  So in effect, we are currently in a year of watchful-waiting to see how much we have in the Reserve Account at the end of the year and what the required projects will cost for the next year.

Below click on web address to view the minutes of the November 8, 2018 Greate Bay Villas Board meeting.

gbvboardpublic110818minutesThe approved fiscal year 2018/19 Greate Bay Villas Association Annual Budget is provided in the below pdf 

GREATE BAY VILLAS NEWSLETTER – 1        September 18, 2018 First EditionThis is the first of what is hopefully a regular update on important developments and activities at Greate Bay Villas.  It will include information and updates on landscaping, property management projects, introduce new homeowners and list community happenings.  Send your suggestions via email for any future stories or reports you would like to see.   GBV Association Annual Meetingwas held on September 15 at the Club.  40 owners attended.  The agenda items included board elections, the property manager’s report, Treasurers Report on cash balance & the 2018/2019 Association Budget as well as an excellent presentation by the Ehrlich Company on the bat mitigation and removal effort. The Treasurers Report will be covered in the next edition Board Members Elected  Bob Viola and Tony Pro were elected to three year terms.  Following the annual meeting, the Board elected its officers. Bob Viola was elected President.  Many thanks to Fred Frisch for his many years serving as president. Property Manager Report   Our property manager, Bill Burns, covered many topics in his report at the annual meeting. They included the need to follow the Association rules and regulations, particularly maintaining decks, trash areas, walkways, landscaping around your unit, and the possibility of Association fines for those that do not take corrective actions.  He also outlined the many projects undertaken at GBV including chimney repairs, drainage, tree removal and pruning. Termite Inspectionswill take place in October as follows: October 9 for Units 1-28, October 10 for Units 29-56 and October 11 for Units 57-84.  Call the office if you have any questions on the inspections.Please make sure Tiffany has your email address and current phone number for timely access in emergencies and proper mailing address. Website    Visit the GBV website for important information like By-Laws, Important Announcements, Meeting Minutes etc.   The website address is Landscaping  Any issues on landscaping should be directed to the property management office. Office Contact     call Tiffany at (609) 398-4581 or email her By Bob Marshall Unit 70

LITERATURE ITEMS 2017 PDF items on this page are either important documents that the Board of Directors want Villa owners to see for their edification or are documents that Villa owners can use such as voting proxies. Also, from time-to-time as required thee may be resumes of Board Candidates and other information relevant to the condo community.

Greate Bay Villas Fiscal Year 2017/2018 Budget has been approved.  See PDF Below:

FY 2021/2022 GBV Budget