If you have any questions for Burns Construction and Property Management, or the Board of Directors, please call Denise at (609) 398-4581 or eMail her at:

Denise will immediately provide the important information requested or facilitate the proper person to contact you in a timely manner to address your special inquiry or problem.

NOTE: Any Accounting questions should be directed to Denise at (609) 399-8800 or

Please make sure Denise has your eMail address and current phone number for timely access in emergencies and proper mailing address.

Board members are not the best conduit to get things done…………..Important: It may seem advantageous upon seeing a Board Member, to present your problem to that person. You are cetainly free to do that, but to get something effected promptly and efficiently, call Tiffany and follow-up with an eMail confirming the conversation.      

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