The PDF documents below constitute the most up-to-date Master Deed, By Laws and Rules and Regulations of the Greate Bay Villas Condominium Association. These documents should have been provided to Villa Owners at the Real Estate Closing on their home.  They are additionally provided here as a service to owners so that they can be in possession of the up-to-date governing documents and policies concerning  the Greate Bay Villas community.

Revisions to the Rules, Regulations, and Policies of the Greate Bay Villas Condominium Association were introduced at the annual meeting on September 14, 2019,  and approved by the Board at the October 17, 2019 public meeting after adequate notice to the community.    The Rules, Regulations, and Policies as approved on October 17, 2019 were then filed with the County Clerk of Atlantic County and supersede all prior versions.  

If Owners have questions, they should present them to Burns Construction and Property Management who will relay them to the Board of Directors who will provide accurate answers.

Click on the file address below to view the Master Deed and By Laws


Click on the file address below to view the Rules Amended on October 17, 2019

GBV – Revised Rules & Regs Oct 2019