Greate Bay Villas Somers Point NJ

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Greate Bay Villas is a centrally located, beautiful 84 Unit Condominium Complex situated in a gorgeous bucolic setting between the Greate Bay Country Club and Holly Hills Drive at the corner of Mays Landing Road in Somers Point, New Jersey. Each Condominium is a 2 story, 3 Bedroom (2 Bedrooms and 1 Loft) living space with 2 full baths plus 1 powder room.photo.jpg

Many of the Condominium units are situated right on the Greate Bay Golf Course. The view is beautiful as one can see the Golf Course, Great Egg Harbor Bay and the Ocean City Landscape. Stores, Shopping Centers and typical amenities are less than 5 minutes away as are various excellent restaurants, Churches and Shore Memorial Hospital. Close nearby is Kennedy Park and the ride to the beach in Ocean City is only 5 minutes.

Great Bay Villas Condominium Association is operated by the Condominium Executive Board of Directors which is made up of 5 members who are unit owners who meet regularly and oversee all financial, administrative and operational functions. The Board has entrusted Burns Construction and Property Management as its Management Agent which provides day-to-day, on-site facilities and property management functions. Monthly Maintenance fees include grounds and outside building maintenance.

This website is dedicated to the Condominium Owners for their private use in keeping up to date with Condominium Association Events, Understanding Rules and Regulations, Managing the Payment of Monthly Maintenance Bills and General knowledge about the Greate Bay Villas Community and communicating with the Management organization.

This website is the property of the Greate Bay Villas Condominium Association and is provided solely for the convenience of Condo Owners in that Association.  All information herein is presumed to be current, true and accurate and is offered as a self-helping mechanism for the convenience and or safety of Owners.  Greate Bay Villas Condominium Association is a Non-Profit Corporation under the Laws of the State of New Jersey. Any information regarding rules and regulations of the Association may be found in the “By Laws” and “Master Deed” and “Rules” of the Association on file publicly with New Jersey.  As the management of this website is donated free of charge by condo association members, the information on the website from time to time may be less than totally current in content or accuracy.  Greate Bay Villas Condominium Association makes no claims as to the accuracy and completeness of the information on this website and is not responsible for reliance thereon. Address comments or questions to admin1-greatebayvillasnj@comcast.net
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